Gingerbread and chocolate affogato

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Sweet delights


This is a quick dessert I just came up with. You may have seen my recent post “The dawn of advent” in which I shared the recipe for a gingerbread advent calendar. I was left with some gingerbread cookie dough. It had been sitting in the fridge and I was trying to think of something to do with it. Other than making more gingerbread biscuits and using them somehow, my options were limited. Then I thought of this as an easy dessert to throw together which doesn’t involve too many ingredients but tastes delicious in all its festive glory.

To make the affogado the gingerbread cookie dough is mixed into some vanilla ice cream along with some chocolate chips. The base of the dessert glass is filled with a little espresso which is then topped with the cookie dough ice cream. A glossy chocolate sauce is poured on top of the ice cream. The dessert is finished with a sprinkle of chocolate and festive gold flecks. The strong coffee mixes with the chocolate sauce and creamy vanilla ice cream. The bite of the chocolate chips adds another dimension and the kick of ginger from the cookie dough reminds you that it’s Christmas. Best of all, the last few spoonfuls are like having a beautifully smooth seasonal frappuccino.



Ingredients (4 servings):

500ml good quality vanilla ice cream
Leftover gingerbread cookie dough, rolled into small balls about the size of blueberries 
200g milk chocolate, plus some shavings
100ml evaporated milk, at room temperature
8-12 tbsp espresso
Edible gold flecks (optional)



  • Place 4 glasses in the freezer to cool.
  • Take the ice cream out of the freezer and allow to soften slightly at room temperature.
  • Take 100g of chocolate and chop up into small pieces.
  • Then mix the chocolate chips and cookie dough into the ice cream until evenly spread. Once mixed, place the ice cream back in the freezer to harden up a little. This should take about 10 – 15 minutes or you can leave it in the freezer until ready to serve.


  • While the ice cream is chilling, make the chocolate sauce. This is the same chocolate sauce that I topped my profiteroles with recently. Before melting the chocolate, make some chocolate shavings by running either a vegetable peeler or sharp knife along the side of the block of chocolate. Place the shavings to once side for now. Then melt the remaining milk chocolate in a bowl over a pot of simmering water. Once melted, remove from the heat and whisk in the evaporated milk. Keep whisking until you get a smooth, glossy texture. As I mentioned in the previous post, the evaporated milk has to be at room temperate or else the melted chocolate will seize up when it meets the evaporated milk which will leave you with a grainy sauce instead of a smooth one.




To assemble:

  • Remove the glasses and ice cream from the freezer.
  • Spoon 2-3 tbsp of hot espresso in the bottom of each glass depending on how strong you like your coffee.
  • Top with a large scoop of ice cream.
  • Pour over some chocolate sauce.
  • Finally, top with the chocolate shavings and festive gold flecks.

Then dig straight in before the ice cream melts!




The Author

I am a food lover with a passion for cooking and entertaining inspired by two very special grandmothers and a fabulous mum. I recently moved to London which has provided a plethora of new places, cultures and fascinations to stir up some underlying creativity. My hope is to share some cooking and entertaining ideas which I like and others seem to like too. I will also throw in the odd bit of Scottish flare to make sure I maintain my true braveheart roots. Hope you enjoy!

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