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Flatbreads with proscuitto, fig and goats cheese

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This is the simplest recipe for making flatbreads. I have seen lots of recipes recently with yeast involved. This one doesn’t have any. Flatbreads as the name suggests are flat so there is no pressing need to include yeast when these work just as well and this way you have one less thing to buy at the supermarket. As you know if you read the blog, I love┬áplanning what food I want to make at […]

Rosemary and sea salt focaccia

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Now that I have had my first go at bread, I am becoming well and truly addicted. By the time the weekend comes around, I have planned my next bake. As I was searching for a recipe this week, I read this in Leith’s Baking Bible: “Frequently, making a successful loaf ignites a passion for bread-making and it becomes part of the pattern of life, if only to recapture the unequalled smell and intense pleasure […]

Easiest bread of all – soda bread

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Two words. Easy.As. It smells amazing and tastes delicious so definitely worth a try. I’ve always been a bit scared of making bread. No matter how easy people try to make sound, it is an art. Mary Berry openly admits that she leaves bread making to the experts and if Mary Berry can’t do it then I’ve always thought my chances don’t fair too well. However, I recently saw an old episode of River Cottage […]