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Asian burgers

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Tomorrow is the big day – exam time! I have been off on Thursday and Friday on study leave and in between reading my notes, I have been watching a lot of cooking programmes. I am always fascinated by Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals programme and I have been able to enjoy the delights of 15 minute meals over the last few days as well. I saw him make Asian burgers with salad and noodles. […]

Classic American burger with caramelised bacon, cheese and relish

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Burgers / Dinners / Pub food

I can’t take credit for these incredible burgers. This was all my boyfriend’s work. In case you haven’t noticed from the many burgers on the blog, he is a big fan of burgers. These ones are humungous (hence the American title) and taste delicious. For me, these are classic American burgers. The pattie is a massive hunk of beef with a few bits and pieces to bring out the flavour but nothing too overpowering. The burger is topped with melted […]