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Asian burgers

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Tomorrow is the big day – exam time! I have been off on Thursday and Friday on study leave and in between reading my notes, I have been watching a lot of cooking programmes. I am always fascinated by Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals programme and I have been able to enjoy the delights of 15 minute meals over the last few days as well. I saw him make Asian burgers with salad and noodles. […]

Throw-in-the-pan tomato poached eggs

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This was one of those dishes that was made by just shoving everything in a pan and ended up being a delicious weekend brunch. Although we had this as brunch, you could easily have it for lunch or an evening meal. The ingredients list below may look quite big but just do as I did and throw in what you have at home. That way you don’t need to buy lots of ingredients and you will […]

The foodie delights of Mijas, Spain – Part 1

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I’m back. Tanned, full of beautiful Spanish food and more than just a little depressed at the thought of going back to work tomorrow. I have spent the whole day washing clothes, cleaning and getting even more depressed as my tan seems to be fading before my eyes. So to ease the pain, I thought I would share some foodie delights from my holiday. Hopefully, the lovely

Beef koftas with grilled halloumi and fig salad

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This is an ideal recipe for a sunny bank holiday weekend. I know plenty of people have been having barbecues this weekend and this would be the perfect dish to share. The colours are so inviting and the flavours are fresh and delicious. The idea for this dish came from my friend, Linda. She recently posted a picture on instagram of a fig and halloumi salad which she had made and it looked amazing. Figs and […]

Le coq again and again and again

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I have heard on various recession-helping money-saving programmes that a whole chicken is one of the most economical purchases around. I always thought that it would be too much effort to calculate the cooking time, continually baste the bird, attempt to carve it and then try to pick off all the leftover meat from the bones. Having tried it though, I am sold. You can buy a whole chicken for between £5-7. The meat from […]