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Flatbreads with proscuitto, fig and goats cheese

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This is the simplest recipe for making flatbreads. I have seen lots of recipes recently with yeast involved. This one doesn’t have any. Flatbreads as the name suggests are flat so there is no pressing need to include yeast when these work just as well and this way you have one less thing to buy at the supermarket. As you know if you read the blog, I love┬áplanning what food I want to make at […]

Cheese scones from The Kitchen on the Kelvin

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Savoury treats

I just wanted to share this lovely recipe from one of my best friend’s blogs, The Kitchen on the Kelvin. These amazing cheese scones are made by first making porridge which I have never heard of before but sounds wonderful. The recipe is available here. They look incredible and I cannot wait to give them a try. I just wish I had some now as these would be the perfect lazy Saturday morning treat served […]