This was a taste revolution for me. I have never experienced such fresh, flavourful, perfectly balanced food ever ever ever. My sister will back me up on this. It is a flavour sensation.


Dinner for us was char-grilled fillet of English beef with sweet coriander-mustard sauce and roasted aubergine with black garlic yoghurt, fried chilli, caramelised hazelnuts and herbs. It was incredible. I can’t explain how good the flavours were. The dishes are simplistic in the sense that the ingredients speak for themselves yet the flavours are an absolute taste sensation.

Then it was on to desserts. There was a huge selection of delicious delights and the best thing about going with my sister was that it meant we could share. Even choosing two was a struggle. We were taken through the cakes twice and had to sit down and drink a full glass of prosecco while we continued our deliberations. Eventually we made the bold leap.


The first we chose was a passion fruit meringue tart. It was divine. The pastry was perfectly crumbly, the passion fruit perfectly sharp, the meringue perfectly soft with a perfect light crisp and the passion fruit glaze perfectly sticky. Nothing more to say than absolutely perfect.


The other was a baked chocolate tart with caramel and mascarpone and a little pot of custard. I could have quite literally swam in the custard. The tart mascarpone cut across the dark velvety chocolate. The crunchy caramel broke through the smooth creamy custard. It was heavenly.

This food has truly given me something to aspire too. This is my mecca.



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