The Fish & Chip Shop

We stumbled across The Fish & Chip shop one Sunday around midday. It was somewhere that I had wanted to go but I had never thought of it as a place for brunch. I was well and truly proven wrong.

The place itself has a informal and relaxed atmosphere with lots of retro touches. The plates matched the signage, the napkins were made from strips of tea towel which matched the colour scheme and the greaseproof lining paper was printed with The Fish & Chip Shop logo. It is this attention to detail which I love when I am in a restaurant and I was instantly sold before I had even had a mouthful of food.


I had the sausage buttie with wilted onions. It was amazing and had plenty of sausage and was piled with deliciously sweet onions. A Sunday delight after a wine filled Saturday night. My Dad chose the shrimp burger which came with a spicy tartare sauce sandwiched between a glossy brioche bun. He loved it.

My Mum and my boyfriend chose more traditional brunch options. One had eggs benedict and the other duck egg on toast with crispy bacon. The bacon was proper thick bacon that you would expect to get from a farmer’s market and the bright orange duck egg burst beautifully. Being in a fish and chip shop, we couldn’t not have some chips and since it was midday, we didn’t feel too guilty about ordering them. The portions were deceptively large but we still ate every last one.


I really loved this brunch. Even the way that the tea was served just made me happy and my Mum loved the old school milk bottled. The service was great and even one of the chefs came over to tell us some of his trade secrets. The brunch wasn’t expensive and the place felt so friendly. I am writing this with a huge smile on my face which says it all. This is definitely a place to go.


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