Oreo cupcakes – Moist chocolate sponge cupcakes with oreo and cream cheese icing and topped with an oreo. Plus an oreo surprise within. Oreo-licious and delicious!

Scrambled egg with chorizo and spinach on toasted ciabatta – This is a nice way to add some smokey flavour to breakfast. Add strips of chorizo to scrambled egg while cooking. Top toasted ciabatta bread with wilted spinach, the chorizo scrambled egg and a piece of folded chorizo. Finish with a sprinkle of pepper.

Haggis and clapshot
– This was a Burn’s Night feast. Haggis with clapshot (mashed potatoes and turnip) with a whisky sauce and crispy fried onions. The perfect celebratory meal.

Lemon squares 
– Light fluffy lemon sponge dipped in lemon juice and coated in a crunchy sugar crust


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